Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spreading Corruption! Send that unfinished report on time, corrupt your file

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There exists a thing that is always discussed in almost every election that happens across the globe. Corruption.

And, we are here to spread it further, but our corruption is of the other kind, the one which is free. We are all racing against time, there is also a saying; time and tide wait for none. Moreover, as far as my experience has been, does neither your boss, nor your teacher! Isn’t it always about meeting deadlines?

Corrupt Document Files

Here is a tool that is going to change your life, and maybe leave your boss confused. What is better than sending an email with no file attached and thereafter saying, “Oh I forgot to attach it, or worse, I must have attached it!”
Do not show your lackadaisical attitude; blame it on something no one can do anything about! CORRUPT the file. How?

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