Friday, January 24, 2014

Browser for Law Students

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We all love chrome, even the carmakers do. But is that all you need? Nay, while we extensively use our browsers for downloading movies, listening to music and of course surfing the web there is a lot more that nowadays browsers can do.  Here are some interesting uses for law students:-

a) Dictionary – Often come across words which make no sense to you? Install GoogleDictionary in Chrome or DictionaryPop Up in Firfox and you are good to go. Double click any word anywhere and you will get its meaning then and there. Simple Enough?

Chrome extension for dictionary

b) Scripts:-  Scripts are user written piece of code which are used to perform variety of functions.  In order to use scripts it is recommended (Please follow my recommendations till the time you figure out that you are the next Babbage yourself ;) ) to install Tampermonkey in Chrome, Greasemonkey in Firefox and Greasekit in Safari.

An interesting script I use is WikipediaFootnotePopup. This script on hovering mouse on Wikipedia citations shows the citation there only rather than having to scroll at the bottom of page like this:-

Wikipeedia script to show citation on hovering

There are thousands of scripts on userscript ranging from downloading YouTube videos to Worldcat citation. Go, Explore and in case you find something interesting let me know in the comments, sharing is caring J

c) Read Better – Read much online, don’t like those distracting sidebars. Here lies the solution. Use Clearly for Chrome or iReader for Firefox.  Their basic function is to make blog posts, articles and webpages clean and easy to read. How? See below!

Extension to read clutter free text

d) Time Management – Use this chrome extension to submit your assignments on time. This will block Facebook, Youtube and any other site you may add for the duration set and will give you 5 minute break in between.

e) Save as PDF – Prefer keeping it offline? Use PrintFriendly & PDF in Chrome or Save as PDF in Firefox to save any webpage as a PDF.

f) Multiple Tabs – Law students often have multiple tabs open. In order to open all the tabs the next time you open the browser use TabCloud in Chrome or SessionManager in Firefox.

g) Bookmark Manager – Often need to bookmark webpages so that you could read them later. Use Pocket in Firefox and Chrome. Enough Said.

h) Citations – Use Zotero for managing citations. Use these plugins in Chrome and Firefox to make life a bit easier.

Note – Some of the scripts may be browser, plugin specific and may not work on all browsers. Kindly check the compatibility of script prior to its installation. 

Need more. Continue here at Setting Up Your Browser.

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